Ground Zero

Well,I have been making Change’s in My life over a Couple weeks and Find that some changes are easier than others lol,It may or May not be that way for every one.On Caffeine I had to Slowly Back off of it because I ended up with a Head ac..if I didn’t have at least a cup or small glass in the Morning.But,the Main Change I was making was to start today ,But,I got a little a head of My self not much a Few Hours,as Of  9PM last Night that change was Put In to effect,And I have been so busy I hadn’t Had time Come and Blog about it,So any way…I Hope to be able to Make Other Changes as I want to keep working on making my life less Stressful and Better..Even if it’s only Moving the Stress out the Door That Makes Life Better for me,and I have Moved most of it out,and If some one want’s to Make stress for Me the will be shown the Door as was many others the  last couple Months..I also Found out also that I can get around some other things which has Made Life a lot less stress full around Here.Which I love Because Being Stress full Make’s changes hard in some area’s Because Stress will bring the desire to do Some things ,lol And No I don’t Drink Never Have much ,Not Going to tell U I Never Have Because I have,But Not on a reg..Bas..Believe me there are many things that can Become a Habit to do,And when any thing is done due to stress it time to clean up the stress..Stress is Not good For U..And In cleaning up the Stress U’ll find it easier to clean up the Habit’s of Stress…And Most Habit’s that we have in our lives do have a reason behind them,We don’t always want to admit that never less true…I’m Hoping things stay stress free for at least long enough for me to get a handle on the Habit Free life lol..Well,Ya U have to have a Since of Humor about things in our life No Matter what …No matter what is going on we Have to be able to find or at the very least try to find some good in it,No that want always happen but,if we try some times it will help up to handle what is going on..We are the one Making Choice in our life and we Have to do what we can to find good things to put in it,If the People in our life is causing stress,Say Gone,Bingo Less Stress is people are causing Problems in any way at all,it’s up to U to say GONE !! and in doing that so does the Problems ..

Isn’t it Great that we still have that choice ? I was asked to do some thing I was quit willing to do it but,I had so must stress in my life that even tho I had  started trying to back off and Did a fair job But,it wasn’t complete,and their fore not good enough,1 /2 is not the same as 0 is it..

Have a Great Day every One I really Must Get back to work..


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