When You Rent it can be aggregating ,because you have to deal with what the late renter left behind.

Like where they didn’t clean very well,or not at all.

In My case We moved into a Handicap apt.Last year because my Mother is 80 years old and has many health Problems.

And in trying to get the Place up to par I have founded out the the person that lived here last was not only in a wheel Chair but,also had parties with Drugs and alcohol all the time no cleaning to amount to any thing.

And they didn’t do much to it before moving us into it either.

This Bath room needs to be completely redone But,I can’t get them to do any thing to it.

And As for cleaning I could clean all day and night and never get done,And I have given up on it ever being what I think it should be.

Some things I find want come clean.

I get so aggregated with it at time’s,I went in the Kitchen to fix Mother’s lunch and Start some things for tonight and Started to clean things that I noticed needed cleaning and as I tried to clean it I remembered I’d through that same thing before.

These Apartments or old and I understand that but,really don’t You thing they should invest in up keep they sure don’t mind taking your Check on the 1st of every Month.

There are 1/2 inch gaps between the bottom of doors to the Floor,that might be ok if it wasn’t the same with the Front Door as well letting cold air in ,hard to heat in the winter with the out side coming in,and a vent right over the thermostat making it even worse.

I really don’t know what these people were thinking when they did that.

But,this is what I deal with every day.

On top of dealing with some one that don’t realize the value of money any more,and seems to think 730.00 Dollars goes as far as it once did.

Price’s goes up but,S.S don’t go up as Quickly and with Things the way they are in Washington who knows..

Oh,What dirty tricks Life can pull on you at time’s

But,Such is life,Life is not Perfect and we will have things in it we don’t really like but we have to take a deep breath and jump in..

We have to have Faith in God that if he let in into our life he will also walk through it with us.

I know that some years ago I found myself in a situation that I told God if he didn’t help Me I would lose my Mind,And he did and has all these years..And I thank God every day that he Helps me to Smile through tears,to fill some happiness at knowing things along with tears of pain and lose.

God is a awsome God he will help You through all You go through because you are where You are for a reason.

You only have to let him show you the reason and then learn what he wants you to learn from it..

Now,I hope I haven’t offended my reader’s with that,but I want say I’m sorry..

Because every word is very true I know it first hand…

Have a great Day


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