The Passed

This One I’m just as Quilt of as any one I realized today.

Every One Has a Passed and almost every one learned from it and Moved Or Some thing.

Actors start out in Movie’s or on TV shows and Find them self Boxed in it,Let’s see if I can explain.

John Schneider explained it best so,let me see what I can do.

When he was doing The Dukes He and all the cast was ok,but,7 years later when Dukes was no longer being Filmed.

Every one in the case had to look for other parts,Well It didn’t seem to matter that Actors Like James Best and others like Him in the cast

had many other Movies and Stage parts behind them they found them self In a Box,No one wanted to hire them and It took a long time to work their way out of that box.And Even Now if You Know John Schneider the First thing You hear is that he was Bo Duke,even tho he Has many other things behind him Since The Dukes of Hazzard,I know he loved the show then and now and his many,many fans ,but don’t you think he would love to hear some one say John Schneider Writer/Producer of the Movie Smothered,or John Schneider /Sam Doonby,He has had many parts in many different Movies since Bo Duke But,he Is Left in that Box..

Well,I said all that to say this,we do it as well with people,we have a way of reminding people of things that they may or may not want to be reminded of..

I do it to some one all the time,I don’t mean to remind them of things they would rather forget,But I may do that.

So, I Must say I’m sorry to that person,if I do that.

My Point is we need to ,try to let People out of the Box/Passed and help them as much ,as we can to Move on to better things if that means leaving us Behind we need to be able to Wish them well and let them go.

I hope they would want us to be apart of the New things ahead but,that has to be their Choice,Don’t it ?

If we are A good friend and we love and care about them we want them to be Happy First and Fore Most.

Yes,we would Hurt and miss them but,we would have to let them be happy…

Because we are their Friend and Love /care about them..

If It were Me I think I’d try to stay apart of their Life in some way,even if It was behind the Scene’s,it has been done before I’m sure of that.

The reason Most people do that is so the Person can be Happy/not know they are there,or maybe even because they don’t feel they are wanted there..

Some time’s It’s even because the person don’t feel like they are good enough to be apart of the person’s life for one reason or another.

But,no matter what we have to let those we Love /care about out of the Box/Passed and be Happy what ever it mean’s for us.

All we can do is love and care about people we can’t put them in a Box and keep them from making Choice’s that don’t include us.

Their Happiness is what should be Most Important to a Good friend ,or some one that loves/cares about some one..

Have a great one every one


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