People every where have Habit’s ..

They Smoke ,Drink (Beer..Ect..) Bite The Nail’s ,Use Bad Lang..There are a lot of thing’s That become nothing More than a Habit as well,Like In stead of getting a Glass of water getting a Glass of Mt.Dew ,Coke,Or some of that Nature,..

I said all that to come to this,There are People out there that Has one or More of these Habit’s But for what ever reason don’t think some one with that same Habit is good enough for them ,I mean They said they Are in Love with them but,Do/are they In love with them if they can’t except them as they are.

I never though so,Then I was told that Men think Differently than women so I had to rethink a lot of things ,But This Is one things I have to Say to any man that tells me he don’t want me to do some thing because… If I Can’t U Can’t ..Get it ?

I mean If a Man tells me he Don’t want me to do some thing for what every reason He had better be willing to abide by his own Rule…Because I will Show him a thing or two if I find he has gone behind by back and done any thing he Don’t want me doing,

I had Husbands that for what ever reason though they had the Right to tell me where when and how while they Did as they pleased ,including Lieing,cheating ,and Screaming at me ,hitting me and so on…

Lesson learned,You Don’t Want me to do it You Don’t either…

And Let me tell You First time You let Me see that You think you can treat Me like Trash ,I want be there to be treated any way….

Ya,I know Men some times have a hell Of their own that they go through ,But I see it this way You don’t Want my passed to be laid on You then don’t Lay Your on me..

I may do as I’m ask for my own reason’s but one of them is not Because I think I’m not good enough if I don’t ,nor is it for being excepted…

I’ll Stand behind the Fact that I should be excepted as I am if I’m loved by some one..

But.in being ask not to and If I can’t be excepted as I am because of some thing then You Shouldn’t be doing It either,in any form.

And man or not Don’t Change that fact,Nor does it If it’s a Cigar,Pipe ..You can Change to form of what ever it is but,People aren’t Stupid they know that the Form of Product don’t change the Fact’s..

And ,I alone with many I’m sure don’t want some one Judging me for doing the same thing they them self Do…

When & if I do some thing I’m ask It’s because I care enough to do it,But if I find out I’m ask to do some thing or Not do some thing that they them self Does It makes me very Mad with good reason,Why Would some one do that in the First place?

Man or not no one is better than the Next person,and have no right To ask any one to give any thing up that they them self do,saying for this reason or that reason,no on has that right ..

I’m Not going to say giving up some of these Habit’s wouldn’t be healthier but,I also want say that they are bad for You ,only God knows the answer to what is best for You and I’m not God.

Now ,If that offends some one I hate it ,I have the Right to believe in God same as You have the Right to say there is no God Difference is When I stand Before God He want say me I know You not…

Back to the world of Habit’s..

Every One has some kind of Habit or Habit’s no one is with out at least one ..

And I’ve been told that when You are dating what your really doing is finding out what habit’s each other had and if you could live with them ,That may or may not be true to a point..

In the passed I was always expected to make changes and or except things and I said I wouldn’t do that again ,and I want ,if or when I ever do marry again It will be to some one that will make changes for me as well…

And they want act as if it’s ok for them to do some thing the Don’t want me to do no matter what it is.Some one once said that some people thought and said in fact “Don’t do as I do” “Do as I Say Do” Well that Crap is just that Crap…And That don’t work With Me Been there and Never again ,.

No,I didn’t Know until it was to late ,It’s Funny how some people hide the true self until the I Do’s are Said and then all Hell Breaks lose..WOW

You find out about all those Bad Habit’s and there is 2 thing’s You can do ,1 is leave and get a divorce,stay and hope it Changes,Let me tell You It don’t get better it get worse the more You take the more you have to take.Lesson learned the hard way,That’s why I said once if your not good enough in the beginning and You have to start off Changing ,stop and think about getting in a Marriage with that person because chance’s are no matter what you do it will never be enough or good enough,I’m not just talking I’m telling You where I’ve been.

You can Be in love with or Love some one But,it don’t mean that you’ll ever be able to pull off a Happy Marriage ,Marriage is a give and take,if Both are not will to do that there can’t be a Happy Marriage ,And Habit’s will always Be apart of who people are..

That’s Life and you need to understand that ,And You need to decide if You can or Do Love a person enough to except their Habit’s That to is apart of love..

Yes ,Do understand Men think differently Than women,But,I think IF a Man or Woman ask some one to give up some thing they Need to have either already given it up if they had that same Habit or Do so ,It’s the Pot Calling the Kettle Black for Him/her to ask any one to give up some thing they them self do…

Or as my Grand Mother would say ,Clean Your Own House Before You start Cleaning Mine…


Have a Great Day



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