Changes In My Life

I wrote about some changes I was making In my life,Well I had Said Last Sunday started The Count down on One thing.

I’m looking at this Sunday as Zero Day.On that,And I had tried a Cold turkey On Caffeine But,That Didn’t Work out so well.

So ,I started Backing off of if,So As Of Now I’m down To 1 Cup or Small glass one or the other of it A day.

So,I think I’m doing good,at this Change Making in my Life.

Now If I could only get a grip on the weigh Gain because Of it …lol

I don’t so Much Mind gaining a little weigh it’s where it goes that I mind

And not only that But,here lately I’m learning things I guess I might should Have already Known,But Never Gave it any thought Until some one that is Special to me showed it to me.

I guess I pay closer Att: when Then Speak,Because they are Special to me.

I have wanted to make the one change in my Life for some time but didn’t do it because of the way things were..

You see I live with My 80 year old Mother and between that and other things I had a lot of stress in my life..

Well,I have taken steps to improve that and in doing that and wanting to and being ask to ,Being Willing not being Enough I have made up my mind that changes are going to Happen..

And everyone that knows Me knows when I make up my mind there is no Changing it.

I had Idea’s of what was and I found that some time’s You have to Trust and believe that things are not how they seem.

And Another thing is You have to Trust in God to be there to lead and guide You through what ever You go through.

And I knowing I serve a Might God Have chosen to trust In God and know he loves me enough to Give me his best.

So,I have change Once again my way of thinking.

And will take another step in faith and trust..

In God and Man…

God Bless and keep each and every one…


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