I have a facebook Pages well,And some others as well,and I was just on facebook and A friend of mine had posted some thing that was important to them.

And some one made some very rude Remakes to him,And I think it Is not only Disrespectful to him that he did that but was also showing he had no respect for him self.

Think before U speak is some thing a lot of people need to learn.

In case’s like that do U ask did the Parent’s not teach the Person respect ? Or is that person disrespectful to every one or is it only people of age or is it Actor’s ? What make’s a Person show disrespect in the way this person did,I told My Friend I was sorry he had to deal with such disrespect,That I knew he Maybe use to it but,It was a shame He had to.

There is no excuse for being disrespectful to people at all,U may not agree with them U might not even like them but,even that is no excuse,Walk away,and on Facebook why say any thing at all if U can’t be Nice,keep moving.

I was tough respect growing up,wasn’t every one?

But,me I care about people and knowing how it feeling to be disrespected has reinforced that.

I would think that knowing how it feels to have some thing do to U / them would also Make a difference to these People but,it sure don’t seem to.

I wish with all my heart people would stop and think how they would feel if it were them before they did things to others,But that may never happen.

I try to put my self in others shoes before doing things and to tell U the truth It has helped me over the Years to understand why we should Show others respect..


Have a great Sun filled day





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