New Day

Just when U think things are going to be so Much better

The Passed it’s back..

Some thing Happened today that upset me very Much,I’m the type Person that would Give some one the Shirt Right Off my Back to Help them,But I Don’t Ask for Help no matter what,I’d rather do with out than to ask if I can..

And I never ever use any one for No reason,But today I saw some one use a Lady to get some thing and It up set Me very Much.

I don’t Care who it is or what they are after how big or Small Using Any one for any thing is a NO NO TO ME..

I don’t do it and Don’t like being around People that do it.

I feel If I can’t be of Help to Some One I sure don’t want to hurt them in any way If I can help it.

I have been on the receiving end of being used a lot in my Life and I know It’s Not funny to be Used or hurt in some way ,So

I do my very best to be a Good Friend to Those who chose to let me be a friend But,I have Chosen to cut some So called friends lose of late and Wouldn’t think twice about doing it again if I needed to.

You see I learned the hard way I have to Protect My Self because there is no one else to do that Job but me,If I don’t take care of me who will…

But,No matter What I will and Can be a Great Friend If I Am allowed to be.

I have up until the last few years trusted blindly until I was proved to I couldn’t trust them,now I don’t mean to hurt any one by being that way,People need to understand Why I am that way.And know that if they are on the up and up there should Be no Problem with me being that way..

I want to be Loved like every one else does ,I want a Man In my life as any woman does,But I want to Know for sure He wants me as he wants to be sure of her.

Isn’t that Normal ?

I have feeling Same as any one does and today what I saw up set me ,because I never thought that person would do that..

You never know do You ?


Have  a Great Day every one


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