Backing off things:

I have been making change’s in my life these days,quitting some thing and backing off others,I had wanted to just quit taking in so much caffeine so,I went to decaf coffee all that kind of thing well,I found out that going cold on the caffeine was not a good Idea.

Your body will let you know really quick about it,so I decided to start backing off the caffeine,You might be able to go cold on some things but,not every thing that’s for sure.

I know our Bodies need a lot of water and more for us ladies than Men ,did you know that ?

It’s true,so I had decided to replace my Caffeine with water that was both good and bad,My Body needs the water so that was a good thing but cutting out all Caffeine wasn’t because my body was use to having caffeine and It caused my Head to hurt ,so now I have to take some thing for that,I don’t get Head a..’s well not any more,long story there so,moving on,when I got one I knew it was from the lack of caffeine in the day,So today I started the day with a little not much so,hopefully I don’t have my body screaming at me later.

I’m Not one to Judge any one for what they do so I’m not saying to any one you should do what I do,I’m only putting it out there and Any one and every one can Know if you going to come off Caffeine do it slowly because it isn’t good to quit cold on caffeine.

There are other things that I’d love to be able to change as well,but some of those things are things that can’t be done until some else changes so,there You are.

What I can change I’m working on,I think some changes in life can be a good thing,but you have to choose to do them either for your self or for the People that You love dearly,I have thought one way most of my Life,but some one helped me to understand the difference in how men and women think and in doing that help me what to do things differently.

But,that’s Me ..

Your life is Your own and when You find a good reason for making change’s in your life You’ll do it with your whole heart and you want miss the things you leave behind because you have filled that place with some thing else.

You’ll see what I mean when it or if happens to you.

Have a Wonderful Day


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