I Have A New Way of thinking ..

I have Had Some One to Help Me to Understand That Men and women Don’t think A like.

And In understanding that Has Helped me to Think Differently.

You See when You Are talking to a Man to Make Him understand You, You have to understand He don’t think Like You do.

My Guess most women don’t Know that I had never thought of it until Recently.

I grew up with 3 Brothers and No Sisters and Never though about the way we though at all.

But,I know Now that just because some one don’t react the way I think they should Don’t Mean they don’t feel the

way they say they do.

I have also came to understand that men Seem to have More control over their Emotions than We as women do.

And so looking for a reaction from a Man may not work,it seems that their is a lot to learn for Me about Men and their Emotions,

I mean how they act and react to things,On top of that You see not every one not even Men act and react the same,So there is a a lot of learning to get done if You really want to understand a Person,isn’t there?

Never though understanding some one could be so complex,But I’m Learning that it seems if it is worth Understanding Or Learning It always ends up being Complex..Funny How that works..you have to be willing to invest more time usually than You first thought..

But,I have been told that any thing worth Knowing or Having is worth the Time Invested.

So,My Thinking is If You Love some one man or woman it’s worth the Time invested..to Learn how and way they think the way they


Any way,this is the Thought’s that has been on My Mind a lot these last few days..

Have a Great Day



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