A New way of thinking…

I have been reading Post and Thought’s By Some one here and After Reading them.

I have come to understand things I never have before and Because of them I have Changed my way of thinking on a couple things.

I Never gave it a thought that Men and Women didn’t react to things the same,As I Grew up with All Boys no Sister’s Only the 3 Boys and my self,I never thought about the fact that they May not react to things any different than I would.

So,I Was woke Up to that fact the other day and After thinking about it,I have Changed my way of thinking on some things.

I find that I agree with quit a few of the things the Person Thinks and Speaks of and In doing that Means That I have to Make some changes to My Life Because of it.

So ,starting 2morrow I start a count Down..

And I will be working on saving to replace something that I no longer have that I find I need to keep in shape because the Peace I have isn’t working out for me.

I take Green Tea when I can it help’s with weight and it antioxidant And Not all that costly.

Anyway Point is I will not Give up on things that Mean more to me than life it self,and there will be Changes Made in my life to prove it..

It is a New Year and we all need to improve our Lives for those we Love and care about,Reason for My Changes is Because I have a Loved one that I don’t want Worrying about me In any way.

If they are in the least bit worried about me they are not thinking on more important and It could cost More Important things to me.

I want let some thing that Means Nothing stand to cost every thing,There isn’t one thing that is More Important that the People You love Now is there ?

I sure hope not,So,I find that what is important to me is the Person I love not a thing,a habit,or any thing else.

And ,in understanding that Men react Differently to things Help me to Understand that I would Not understand Him Totally,And that I need to let him in his time Help me to understand him better.

And when there is time I can explain so he Can understand Me Better.

I do try to help as much as I can as is,But,There is a Limit to what I’m willing to share with the World.And No matter what when You Post things on the internet You are telling the world..

So,some day I hope there will be time to share the things that matter the Most and maybe make a lot More changes in my life a lot More Important than even these I make Now.

Have a Great one



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