Change Of Mind and Heart

U know U go through life learning as you go,no one knows every thing so You watch ,Listen and learn

as you go through life.

I am following some one here On word Press and they posted a Question for people to leave

a comment of what they though some man would Do ,and what a Woman would do in what might have been said to

them after a long hard day of work A different kind for each,Well I left what I though was a decent reply for both,well the one thing I had never in my life took in consideration was even tho both were ask the same Question about the same thing you should never expect the same reply or reaction from both,I had Never thought about it before but,a man will always react Differently than a Woman,even if every thing is the very

It Don’t Matter what I might think about any one thing a Man can and may very well Come along and under the very same Circumstance’s have a very different though on the Matter.

And I in my whole life never ever though about that fact,until the other day reading the comment’s to that post.

I woke up and smelled the Coffee so to speak and had no Problem Saying I was sorry for not Knowing or Understanding that Fact.And told them I had Never though about that fact.

So,tonight as I was working hard at Paying Bills and Noting the date’s and Confirmation #’s on the Bills as they were Paid

That kept Bugging me so,I had to Spit it out so to speak lol

So Here I am since it had to go some where to get it off my mind …lol


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