Truth Is Love Is Excepting ..

IF U except the truth The truth is Loving Some One means excepting them as they are.

When U love some One You except they with all their Fault and Habits.

You may not like the Faults or the Habits but,You Except them Because You love the Person for what They are

They have a wonderful loving heart,they Love you more than Life it self and they except you for who you are.

They would give any one that needed it the shirt right off their back because that’s how they are.

And you love them and not just love them but your in love with them,and the very truth is a real and true love never ends,

Time don’t make it stop hurting if or when you lose some one you are in love with you only find ways to deal with the Pain and lose.

You try to stay busy,you try to think of other things,or you try to fill the empty space but ,truth is there is no replacing that

Person,Some day after many long years you find some one that you reminds you in some way of that person and you find that

in some being around them helps you to around them and you may choose to marry them and it may or may not work but,at

least you have tried right ?

Well,I know some one that tried over and over again to replace some one they were in love with and found it don’t work.

So,they have decided to stay single unless they Marry the Person they are truly in love with and if you were them and knew the whole story you wouldn’t blame them.

Some one told me the other day that not trusting some one might lead to bitterness,I disagree with that,I mean why would any one be bitter about such a small thing ,I mean I think that if people prove they can be trusted and then the Person is trusted what difference does it make that they didn’t trust them in the beginning?

Any way,if Your in love with some one that really shouldn’t be a hard thing now should it ?

I had these things on my mind most of the day so I thought I’d come and blog about it.

I don’t say things to Hurt any one or to offend ,I only say them to get people to stop and think

instead of doing and then thinking…

To wake up and smell the Coffee so to speak..

I hope every one will think about what true love really is before making choice’s in the matter..

Have a great and wonderful new Year..



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