The Last Blog was for a reason.

U see today a social worker came out ,She said to see if we had every thing we Needed.

Ok,I may not be the Sharpest Knife in the Drawer,But I knew/Know better than that.

Any way,As we talked I Found out that I do Nothing ,the Place Cleans It self,Bill’s Some how Get Paid

Food is getting there with No help,some how It get’s from the Store to our Kitchen ,And the Food cooks it self.

So,Things Just seem to get Done with No help.I don’t even Have a Clue How people can say things like that,About some one that in fact is the only one doing one thing to Help them.

But,this is what I deal with every day,And I have reached My limit after years of it ,I told the Lady today that if the Stress didn’t stop She Had to go to a Nursing Home,And she ask For if she wanted to go to  a Nursing Home and She sit there and told her they were mean to her at the Nursing Home,She Never gave her a Yes or No.

She ask If I wanted her to see if she could get some one to come sit with her so I could go do something and I told Her that even If she could sit some thing like that there would be no extra Money right Now for any thing any way.

And I also explained why the Doctor Don’t want her alone,These People Come into Your home Based on what some one that don’t have a clue say’s and then You have to Show and tell for a good 45 Mins .

This is not the first time this has happened but,I told Mother It would be the Last.

I am Tired of being a little servant Girl for People,I know she is My Mother But,how Much is one person expected to take even if it is family..

I mean I do every thing all she does is Lay in bed all day until these Nurse’s or Therapist comes in and then has the Nerve to tell a Social Worker I don’t do Nothing,How would U say all the things that get done around here gets done Then ? How Would You say she get’s feed ? Let me tell You I have been so very up set ever Since all this Happened until I had to Blow off some steam..

So,I hope I haven’t Offended some one..


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