Our Country

I have to ask what on earth is going on ?

Why can’t people see what I see ?

Is it they don’t care what happen’s as long as it don’t bother them ?

If it don’t effect their live’s it’s ok ?

Why don’t people care that People we voted into office are now looking out for themselves,and only what they want ?

Why don’t they pay more att: to who is running for office and just go vote for a party not a person ?

Anyone wanting my vote will tell me why I should give them my vote.

And if they lie about anything I’m going to know,because I’m going  to keep  my eye’s open and learn all I can about the person.

And another thing is ,I have to question what is being taught in our schools these days.

Why don’t our children/Teens in high school know that disarming all law abiding people is not the answer to the shootings in this country ?

Why don’t they know that Hitler did that before he took to killing millions of Jew’s and or anyone that crossed him or his Nazi party ?

It wasn’t just Hitler and Nazi Germany that had the same result in killings by the Government ,History tells us that.

So,why would anyone want to have the same thing happen right here in this country ?

Why would anyone want to take all the Guns away from law abiding people and leave them defense less ?

There has to be a motive for it now don’t there ?

And Hey,I read today in the newspaper that a neo-Nazi was voted into the primary for  Governor of the state of Ill. I say to them U should have known what U were voting for not just voting for a party,I sure hope they pay more Att: the next round if they don’t ,all I can say is God help U Ill..

I am so full of question’s about why our country has got’ten so far away from the Constitution ,and why Congress now seem’s to think it’s ok to throw out part’s of it or change it in anyway.

Why,does some of those that we voted into office now think they have the right to spend our money on hiring people to kill anyone to push their agenda what ever it might be,or hire people to block the President in what he was voted into office to do.

Or to try to have him impeached based on lie’s that they paid for with our money.

This russian thing is costing us money because,they set that up they know they did and they want except that anyone with 1/2 a brain can see they did it.

They did it hoping to get Donald Trump Impeached with it ,but it didn’t so,they started more trouble and that didn’t happen either.

They want rest until they take away every good thing this country holds dear,and I can’t understand why,people keep voting these people back into those seats.

Why,can’t people see what is right there in there face ?

Is a one world government or government rule what people want ?

Something like NK ? Is that really what people of our country now want? Do they really believe that is better than a free country?I just don’t get it not at all. I will never believe a country like Nazi Germany or NK is better than a free country. I just wish I could understand people not getting involved in who is sitting in DC calling the shot’s. WE need people in DC that love this county and want what is best for it like the President,every thing he has done has been with this county and it’s people coming first. But,people have done nothing but,slander him for doing just that. No,i don’t get that. Our fore fathers are rolling over in their graves at what has happened to the country they fought and died for. What a shame that people have come so far away from what they fought and died for. I pray every day people will wake up and start caring more about what is Put in DC to Work for them. God only know’s what will happen in the end if people don’t start voting for people that will up hold the Constitution instead of setting a agenda for themselves to do what ever they want instead of what is right and line’s up with the Constitution. People have right’s under it and no one should be able to infringe upon them,no one..

Anyway,I have many question’s and thought’s I’m sure other also have their thoughts on the subject.

These are mine ,sorry if any one doesn’t agree..

Have a wonderful day..


I don’t understand some people.

I have been sitting here thinking about some people I know.

They seem to need other people to tell them what to do and or think.

As if they don’t have a mind of their own to think with.

Everything they do they have to tell someone else and ask what they think.

And if not asking them they tell them, what they think or feel and guess what they act on what they were told as if they had no mind of their on.

I don’t get it why do they do that ?

I don’t understand ,I have thought for myself most of my life,did I make mistakes yes,I’m Human .But,I made my own Mistakes.I have noone to blame but myself for my Mistake because ,I didn’t go tell someone else or talk to someone else about what I had in mind or what I was going to do.I made up my own mind what I was going to do and then did just what I wanted to not what someone else though I should do.I feel everyone would be much better off if they learned to think for themselves.

Yes,they will make mistakes,every one that is a human will,that’s life.We learn and grow from our mistakes,you would think after making the mistake of listening to others they would learn not to listen to others,you/they are the ones that have to live their life not someone else.

If I decide to do something it’s my life that is affected no one else’s .

But,why would I let anyone decide for me what I will do with my life ? That to me isn’t even smart.

Let’s say a man is in love with a woman and wants to marry her,why would he go even to his best friend and ask him want he thought about it ? Isn’t the man marrying her the one going to live with her ? Isn’t he the one in love with her ? Why then ask anyone what they think.

And when someone tells me they love someone , watch them so as to know if they really do.

You see actions speak louder than words,I feel if someone needs to ask anyone what they think and just because that someone says to then ,I think she is just wanting something from you,I mean to use you,and then that someone takes that to heart and does what is expected of him to do,walks away form the person he /she claimed to be in love with then no they never ever was in love and did just what they should have walked away.But,if they look at that person and say to them no way,she /he isn’t like that then yes they really are in love and should marry.you see actions speaks loud and clear.

Never allow what someone else thinks control who you are.Think for yourselves and be who you are,not what someone else thinks you should be.

Choose your friends wisely,If a person what’s you to do anything you know isn’t right run as fast as you can they are not a friend,they are asking you to do something wrong.

Think for yourself don’t mess up your life because anyone says they are your friend yet wants you to do something you know you shouldn’t.No matter what it is.I think that everyone has a heart and mind and I think we all should use them for the better of the world as well as for our own life.

Some of use make the mistake of judging others because they don’t have what we do or live as we do.That causes us to lose a lot of friends.No one will ever be the same as we are,and should never be judged for that fact.Yet,we all must think for ourselves,so I as,I say these things I also want you to think for yourselves.If you think what I have said makes since great,but if not then so be it.I only have the question why does some people need others to tell them what to do or think instead of thinking for themselves ? I think everyone was given a heart and brain for a reason,to think and feel for themselves.Not to use their ears to hear someone else to tell them what to think and feel.

Anyway,I hope someone gets something out of my question and thoughts.It has helped me by just putting the question and my thoughts out there.

Have a wonderful day ,every one

What would you do ?

The more I see and hear ,in the news and online about what is going on in the world today,the more I think.

I wonder how much longer this world will be ,I mean as we know it.

Yes,I know there are people out there that don’t believe in god and the Holy Bible and what it has to tell us.

But,not believing does not take away the truth of any of it.

The truth  shall stand when this world is on fire,like it or not.

I have started thinking today how much longer ? How much longer lord will You allow all this to go on ?

You see I know there is a time God has for all things,Our lives as a reason there isn’t one thing in it that wasn’t set before we were ever born.

He (God) knew us before we ever were born in our Mother’s Womb he predestinated each one of us.

WE each one of us have a work to do,and like it or not we also have a predestinsted way to leave this world.

And no matter what we think we can not nor will we leave it before we have finished what we were born to do.We say they died to young no they died(left this world at their appointed time ) God only takes people home when their time has been fulfilled not one second sooner.

Now knowing all this and seeing what is going on in this world and knowing that Israel is the place to watch ,I ask my self and God how much longer ?

My Next question is what would people do if they knew Jesus was coming tomorrow.

If they were smart they would live every day as if Jesus was coming that day but,People have come to a place that they think this world will never end,they are so wrong.

Think about it what would You do ? If you knew at midnight tonight Jesus was coming..

This should be our every thought in this day and time.

God bless and keep you all in Jesus name…

Same old story ,new person learning.

Well,it looks like some one is learning how much fun it is to have people tell you what you should and shouldn’t feel.

And or what you should or should do.

You would think a 62 year old would know that people just love to do that at time’s.

NO,not every one is like that,but there are people like that.My Guess is some of the people reading this know’s what I’m talking about.

You,see this person started seeing a much younger person and no one like’s them.

They say they are rude and ugly and there fore have made it plain to them how they feel about the person.

Not they have got mad at the people who don’t like the person they are seeing.

All I can say is the person is learning how it feels to have people telling them how to live their life.I say if you make your bed hard your the one sleeping in it not me.I don’t care for the person either but,I don’t have to be around them so I want be saying nothing about it to them.

I’m not going to let what people say about my life bother me,I don’t have to be around those people.And they don’t have to be around me.They make their own choice’s in their own life and I have the right to do the same.

If this person what’s to allow the person they are seeing to come between them and their family and or friend that’s on them.I see it this way every one can’t be wrong about this person now can they ? If this person want’s to get mad at every one they will end up losing a lot of friends and not seeing their own family because of this ,I have to wonder if just maybe that is what the person they are seeing is trying to cause to happen. Well,it’s all up to the person in the relationship to choose their family and friends or the person they are seeing.

I can’t wait to see what happens in all this mess.

Have a great one every one.

Take good care,it’s almost Christmas so there will be alot of people on the roads shopping and all so be very careful when your out ..


Retirement/Moving /living

Some are asking what the ? What does that even mean ?

Well,it mean’s after you retire will you like me have to move ?

Will you be able to live as or even one half as well as you did before you retired ?

Oh,I knew I wouldn’t have as much to live on as I did working but,my word ,I never though I would have almost nothing.

Most people don’t know as I didn’t until it was a have to ,to retire.

People do trust 401 K  I had it and got wiped out,I had nothing.

Now all I have is Social S. And that you might say is nothing.

You can’t depend totally on 401 K or for that matter the Banking system either one can take a dump at any given time.

I found that out the hard way,I hope by me blogging this today no one else will find them self wearing my shoe’s.

401 K depend’s on the stock Market if it fall’s so does your retirement ,and the Bank’s if they go bust so does your retirement.

When you have a little extra money fine Gold and Silver to buy,get you a lock box a good one fire prove.And keep the gold and silver in it.

When it’s full buy another one and do the same.This is your best way of knowing your retirement is there.

You can not depend on the stock market to stay the same or go up over time. And you really can’t depend on social s. to be there by the time you will need it,you see I can’t know that in 10 years I’ll even have it.

You say CD no they are banking system they depend on the bank staying a stable.

The only thing that will stay for sure is gold and silver,it is used in some way in every country.

Do some research make sure the gold and silver you buy is the best % at the best value.

Take care of your retirement,make sure you will have a decent living after you stop working for what ever reason.

God bless you and keep you always..

Isn’t It Funny ?

Isn’t it funny no matter how many times You say something is only how U feel .
Some one will always take it UR talking about them ?
I never talk about any one person,when I say things about how I feel about something.
Or talk about things that has happened in my life.
And I never say things in order to hurt anyone in anyway.I have been hurt and insulted enough in my life that I know how it feels and I don’t set out to make anyone else feel the way I did when It was done to me.I try very hard to treat other’s the way I want to be treated.No I’m not perfect and do I make Mistake Lord yea and some of them are huge.And as long as I am a human being I will make Mistakes and yea some of them will be so very huge.
But,I also hope I will always stay grounded enough to be able to say I’m sorry I had no intent it hurt U,when I hurt some one.There is so many out there that can’t say I’m sorry even knowing they should and I have to wonder why.
I have heard many times over the years that we hurt the ones we love the most,and I hate to say it but I have also found that statement to be very true..
And It is so sad that we do that but we do.

I don’t know how to stop it totally but,I do think if we stop and think first it will help.
If we stop and think now is this something that I’d want done to me ? I think we wouldn’t hurt other’s near as many or as much as we do no matter who it is.
I’m finding I get very up set at times and say things I don’t mean because I am up set.
So,I know I have to learn to walk away and calm down before I say or do anything.
Thing is as I look back I know I never use to be that way.
And yes I know the way my life has been is why ,I am now the way I am.
And that’s why I’m working so hard on letting my Passed be just that my Passed.
The problem I have is that my heart says one thing and my head say’s something totally something different.
So,I spend a lot of time Praying about what is going on,sad to have had a life that mess’s U up so much in the first place.And also it’s sad when U try to talk to some one about things and they don’t seem to hear what UR saying or care one .
I don’t know ,That’s one reason I don’t talk to people much about things because people have so much on their plates that they don’t have time for my problems and if they do they just simply don’t want to hear it because they don’t care about UR /My problems.
All I can say to people is No I’m not perfect and YES I will make Huge Mistakes at times ,and Yes I will say I’m sorry if I hurt U,But keep in mind I’m a Human being and even tho I may love U dearly I do make mistakes and some of them my be huge and I hope U can love me any way,and let me work on being a better me..

Every one have a wonderful evening and take good care of UR self in all U Do..

Why is it there is 2 set’s of rules ?

I can’t get over the fact that there seems to be 2 complete sets of rules,1 for men and 1 for women.

Well,at least in some men’s minds.

It seems some men think what ever a man does is fine,no matter what it is.

If he so minds to cheat on us women he is just being a man and he thinks that’s fine.

But,By Golly let a woman even let him think she is cheating and wow..Does he ever come unglued.

If a man is jumping from bed to bed he gets pats on the back and is told what a stud he is,if a woman does the same she is a slut or a whore,excuse me but if it weren’t for those studs then those women couldn’t now could they ?

And what would all those men do if all women one day said no ,no more will a man crawl in my bed tonight and go brag tomorrow to his buddies ..and call me names.

What if women stopped what men called putting out ?

What would this kind man do ?

How about those married cheating men do ? who would they cheat with then ?

U see ,I see it this way if a man wants to sleep (jump in bed) with a woman he should be willing to marry her,and if he is married then by golly he should find he fun at home where he vowed to.

He don’t want a woman that does that why then should a woman want a man that does that ? Why does he even think she should ?

Some of them say well U changed well Yes life changes people every day,When some one gets married they should change. They should show they woman/man in every way they can every day they love them.And that means being faithful and open and honest with them.Listen to them with their heart as well as their ears.No women don’t always want U to fix a problem for them just care enough to listen to them even if they just want to vent about something just as a woman should be willing to do the same.And neither should go tell anyone what they talk about what is between a husband and wife is just that and no matter how good a friend is they should never be apart of UR marriage and when U repeat what U talk about or what is going on between the 2 of U well ,UR bring them into UR marriage.

Keeping what is UR’S and UR mates between the 2 of U is important ,it helps both of U to know for one to truth each other and it keeps others from being able to cause problems for U by giving their 2 cents worth.U don’t need others telling U what U already know in UR heart,if U love UR Mate then sit down and talk about what is happening between U,find a answer with out fussing and calling names,or repeating what someone out side told U.Love one another enough to respect them.Talk to each other/listen to don’t close them off just because U disagree with what they have to say about how they feel.U may not intend to hurt anyone more so the person UR in love with /love but we are human and do at times,never feel it brings U down in any way to say I’m sorry if U hurt anyone not meaning to.Life is to short to lose the one person U love because U can’t say I’m sorry Please forgive me.But,on the same note Life is to short to live life with some one U don’t love or U know don’t love U.So,be very sure UR in love when U say I do,and that they R in love with U.

Love can be wonderful if both people are really in love with each other..

Don’t just assume anything,know it before U act on it,that goes for many things in life.

Well,I need to get off here and get some food in my tummy lol

And get ready to go to work in a little while.

Have a wonderful one

Take care every one

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